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Thousands of copies of this documentry have already been sold worldwide. Now you can purchase the film for yourself, your group, or for someone you know on DVD or the new streaming version with unlimited views.

If you are a therapist, or non-profit organization and would like to order the film for your use and as a fund raiser, a special bulk order rate is now possible.

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To see the relief, joy and hope in the family member’s faces and voices was a very moving experience. To have brought all this together with such power, sensitivity, and balance is remarkable.” ~Dr. RONALD E. WARNER, C.Psych., CSFT

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of DVDs and pay per views go to making additional copies available to community groups and veterans in need.

Your purchases help to support this initiative while learning more about the health care options and actions affecting the more than 22 million veterans in America.

Learning to Treat PTSD

In addition to the feature length documentary, the OPERATION: Emotional Freedom Project also includes a Special 12 DVD Training Series created with energy psychology Master-level practitioner Carol Look LCSW, DCH. This comprensive set of over 18 hours of sessions, interviews and follow-ups has helped train practitioners and those interested in understanding PTSD to build greater awareness of the techniques employed and documented in this story.


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One in three service men and women develop post traumatic stress disorder.Rand Corp. report, 2008

This groundbreaking documentary is a hard hitting look at the current state of health care for combat veterans in America diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.)

I am a Vietnam veteran and have seen "The Answer" video and cannot say enough about how good it is. We are using tapping in a vet group I am currently in. Thank you.~C.A., Veteran, Maine

The film sets about examining the myths and misconceptions surrounding the medical/chemical approach to treating PTSD and why drugs are not "the answer" that pharmaceuticals promise. Instead, the film follows a group of volunteer vets and their families on a journey through a newer vision of health and healing for PTSD and trauma.

“This is an extraordinary and very important film that anyone involved in dealing with wartime Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will want to see.” ~Daniel J. Benor, MD, International Journal of Healing and Caring

OPERATION: Emotional Freedom puts forward The Answer to enabling dysfunctional lives to return to balance, peace and productivity.

This Skywriter Communications project is the culmination of a two year process to document an innovative therapy for treating the physical and emotional effects arising in an increasing number of combat veterans and their families.

“it was well worth the wait! for the 2 1/2 years! has inspired some of the families of vets to buy the movie and seek the help of myself and other EFT practitioners because there IS help out here. Thank you!  Thank you! ~E.K. EFT Practitioner


OPERATION: Emotional Freedom is more than a film. Activities to create public awareness and education on the treatment of PTSD include a variety of collaborations and productions worldwide.

This year the annual 11/11 PTSD & Trauma Awareness Day is Friday, November 11th., 2016

Learn how you can honor veterans and military families by participating in your own community-based meeting or presentation by contacting the event organizer - Eric Huurre at

Visit the our FaceBook Page to learn more about the OPERATION: Emotional Freedom Project PTSD and Trauma Awareness Day efforts.

A number of people and organizations were instrumental in enabling OPERATION: Emotional Freedom to be made.

These people are carrying on the work of introducing healing strategies and support to veterans and their families. Read more about the support efforts underway and join others working to bring help to service men and women worldwide by visiting our partner's websites.


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